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Some Tricks to Make Your SEO Web Design User-Friendly


It is important to know that if you want to make your SEO web design it is vital if you have some few thing to consider. The following are the ways that you can make your web design SEO friendly at https://lemonade-it.com.


It is important that you let the social media be part of the web design that you have as this will help you to capture the attention of the clients and other users to your site and therefore you will create a web design that is friendly as well as increasing your ranking.


It is important that you start to incorporate the images in your site and upgrade from using the texts only as this will be very important for your ranking as you will be able to make attracting to the clients and hence you will have more traffic that you want, you should ensure that the images that you use are of the right shape and size to fit for your site and your need.


Java script is one of the things that are used in the website and one of the mistakes that you can make it is to use it for the whole web and that would make it difficult for the search engine to identify and read your site and to make it simple and easy to search even with the mobile phones it is good that you sparingly use the javascript to make it SEO friendly.


The other thing you need to do is to make sure that you use the URLs that are user friendly, to be able to have a Seo Basics friendly web design it is good that you have and use the URLs that are user friendly so that you can be able to achieve a better rank that you need for your website which is very important.


You should know that the website will be more user-friendly if you have the keywords  in most areas of the website, another area that needs the keywords you should make that you have them so as to ensure it friendly as well as ensuring that your website ranks greatly.


There is nothing that would affect your website ranking as the instance where the design would be inaccessible and therefore it is good if you could make the web design accessible so as to make sure that the conversation rate will not be affected.


You should be also careful in the use of the flush elements and therefore you should make sure that the element that you are using will not distract the clients and users that you have. Visit this website http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eric-covino/5-tips-to-boost-your-seo-_b_5042162.html about SEO.